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healthcare plan. >> eliot: i have to give matt miller credit for this idea. he could have asked mitt romney to chair a council on healthcare cost. you're a numbers guy. you're the consultant. figure out where we can in a humane way drive costs down and give us good ideas. that would have been useful for both of them. >> healthcare would have been an ideal way to do it. he could have put him on a committee that make them look good. that's the irony at the end of the day. the only guy in d.c. who will have lunch with mitt romney is barack obama. >> eliot: who do you think picked up the bill. >> i think maybe the president. >> i think we paid for mitt romney's free stuff. >> eliot: very quickly, are you as tired of the fiscal cliff as i am? >> some guy there is a guy named clifford who is plotting the murder of coworkers that call him fiscal cliff. i'm over. i'm ready to throw the fiscal cliff off a physical cliff. >> eliot: if i see john boehner give the same speech. >> john boehner they voted for it in 2008 and again in 2012 john boehner making a fuss on this is like the man who lost lotto a
: the problem gets worse and worse because of demographics as we ang and healthcare costs increase. >> that's why we have aging and a more and more competitive economy. >> eliot: i guess what i should have said at the time is the article is provocative but gloomy. >> i have been called eeyore. >> eliot: i won't call you eeyore. i thought the article was fascinating. we have to reframe our debate. i think the article suggests how we should do it. eduardoporter, thank you for coming back on the show. >> thank you. >> eliot: a new constitution in egypt and a seat at the table for palestine. mints called mints? answer in a moment. >> eliot: when news first broke the makers of twinkies were going out of business, too many people assumed it was the same old story. union workers demanding exorbitant wages. let's take a look at what the management at hostess has been up to over the last few years. they've sold the company three times since the 1980s each time losing assets and picking up debt. leading to two bankruptcy f
that the congress has focused on medicaid, healthcare, the affordable care act, even looking at what's going on with the fiscal cliff right? are we going to balance our budget by lessoning lessening the support to those with disability or focus on those at the top 1%. this trend is ongoing and i hope it doesn't continue. the bipartisan tradition around disability is longstanding, and i think it's mourn. it's one of those few issues that traditionally both republicans and democrats can agree on, and i hope we can get back to that point. a lot of work need to be done in the republican party for us to get there. >> eliot: your point is so well taken. there should be no disagreement about extending rights to those with disabilities. this is not a partisan issue. it has not been historically a partisan issue. whom will you call? where will you begin when you go and reach out to the republican party and say guys, go back to your roots. you just lost an election because of the narrowness of your vision. expand it. who will you talk to? >> you know what? i will talk to everyone and anyone who will l
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)